Double Glazed Door – Making an Entrance.

In terms of appearance, security & lifespan, modern double glazed doors are very difficult to beat. With so many designs and an extensive list of sources, finding something to suit your needs should not be that hard.

Having said that, the amount of choice in the market may actually make it more time consuming to come to a decision. So here are are few pointers that we think may help you narrow the field down a bit.

Double Glazed Door Key Features

the Right Type of Double Glazed DoorYou could think about your budget first if you like. For example, the cheapest UPVC front door could cost a few hundred pounds, whilst a top end aluminium or timber bespoke example can cost a few thousand pounds,

Without doubt, a softwood door is going to have the lowest price range, but they do need a lot of looking after and can really be annoying to keep in good shape.

Next in line for pricing will likely be the UPVC double glazed door, followed by composite doors and then aluminium. ( see more detail here: Cost Guide For Double Glazed Doors)

For security, you should look for a product with at least triple hinges combined with multipoint locks alongside a 3 or 5 lever mortice key lock.

Glass should be toughend or even laminated to make it harder to break (deliberately or accidentally).

You can expect a low maintenance, trouble free working life from a upvc door of about 15 years. Composite and aluminium can go for 30 or 35 years. Of course, there are hardwood doors around that have been in use for double that time – but you need to give them the right mount of “TLC”.

If you have a larger than average opening to fill, you could consider a set of French doors or alternatively use side & top panels to take up the extra space – this is quite common.

If you have to take into consideration access needs for elderly or disabled persons, then you should discuss the options for low thresholds with your supplier.

Most modern double glazed doors offer a good level of insulation – to compare the performance, you can refer to each individual product energy rating label – all you need to know about the designs and costs can be found here:



How to Find the Right Type of Double Glazed Door For Your Home?