Trouble Shooting basic problems for Gas boilers

It’s pretty typical for your home heating to start to go wrong at the worst time. Gas boilers when they go wrong, certainly in my experience, tend to break down when they are needed most.

So what should you look out for in terms of “preventative medicine” and try to spot potential issues before they develop into something more costly & inconvenient?’

Here are a few pointers about potential problems with gas boilers

Gas Boilers and how to spot signs of problems?One of the things you should do quite regularly is take a look at the colour of the flames – natural gas should burn blue. If your flame is going toward a yellow colour, this means you could have a potentially deadly carbon monoxide issue  and contact a professional immediately.

if you suspect a Carbon Monoxide problem, you can contact or Call 0800 111 999

gas safe boilersBoilers can have a life-span of 15-20 years if the are originally of good quality and maintained properly, Having said that, if you have a 10 year old boiler, then you may be experiencing uneven heat around the house or strange noises coming from the pipes or radiators.

Uneven heating could be signs of a blockage and noises could be “kettling” caused by build-up of limescale due to the water in your area being “hard”.

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A power flush could sort this out, but you may also want to check your circulating pump.

Whilst this is is not a comprehensive list of potential problems, I would say that these 3 are the most common. However, it does bear repeating that if you have the slightest suspicion about a carbon monoxide problem, don’t delay and get an expert in to look at your syatem immediately.


Gas Boilers and how to spot signs of problems?