Thinking of using a Patio door to open up your home?

If you have been living in your current home for quite some time and are thinking about how to “give it a new lease of life”, then why not consider fitting a set of patio doors?

Popular options are to fit one to the rear kitchen area, or to a living room that faces onto the rear garden.

What’s do good about a Patio door?

One of the first things that will happen is that your room will become lighter. Double glazed patio doors will bring in loads of natural light – even on the dullest of days (maybe saving you some money on your lighting costs?).

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Another reason is that a big glass door instead of a wall will “trick your mind” into believing the room has actually got bigger. Without the wall in the way, you can look out over your garden and the room will actually feel less constricted to you. Much in the same way that they cover elevator walls with mirrors or reflective surfaces to give the impression of being in a larger space.

Design choice

upvc patio doorsthere are several options that can suit virtually every preference or styling choice. From sliding, to pivoting, to folding door panels that can be made from timber, uPVC, composites or even aluminium.

French patio doors are a classic choice that can complement your home very nicely. Modern bifold doors give exceptional clearance when opened fully.

Frames in UPVC, composites or aluminium can be made in different colours – for uPVC it’s around a dozen or so, for aluminium the colour range can be well over 100 options. You can also get wood grain finishes.

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Fitting a New UPVC Patio Door