A uPVC conservatory is made by using un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride as the base material.

Being ‘un-plasticized’, these products contain no ‘plasticizers’ or softening elements, thus providing them with strength to be used as building material for large structures.

These conservatories are cheaper than their wooden counterparts in terms of installation time and costs (no priming and painting of the woodwork) and maintenance (no need for repeated removal of flaking paint and cracked putty, sanding and repainting).

uPVC Conservatory: Spaces for…

 a UPVC ConservatorySo what is the image that comes to your mind when you are asked to think of a traditional conservatory in a country house?

Probably, the perceived image will be of a space filled with beautiful exotic plants in full bloom, large amounts of wicker or white wrought iron furniture. uPVC conservatories in modern homes, on the other hand, can be used in many different ways beyond just a simple plant nursery. Here are some of the available options:

Office Space: Surprised?

These conservatories are a great place to work for those who are either self-employed or often work from home. They provide an ideal way to get away from the noises of the home, without actually being away from it.

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The greenery (providing you install some) and serene ambiance will allow you to work peacefully and also double up as a place where you can conduct business with your clients. This out of the box thinking is bound to get you appreciation from your customers. Who doesn’t appreciate a pleasant environment to work in?

Nursery for Children:

This is the perfect option for all those who want their infants to play in the outdoor setting without worrying that they are vulnerable to the forces of the outdoors. Less mud to clean up!

Dining Room:

This is an apt designing theme for those who prefer being outdoors all the time. By placing your dining room in the uPVC conservatory, you will not only be placing it in an outdoor setting but also proofing it from adverse weather effects. Augment the setting with a barbecue or a fire pit and you will have the perfect eating experience even if it is storming outside (just make sure you have a good extraction system in place).

Dance Floor:

A fitting option for those who like to party a lot. You can turn the whole uPVC conservatory into a private dance club by choosing decor accessories ( that glitter ball will come in handy) and installing a good music system. Possible designing options include adding a dance floor plus mood lighting to the space and you will have the perfect setting for weekly parties. Invite your neighbours – they can’t complain about the noise if they are at the party!

Gym or Hobby Centre:

You can equip your uPVC conservatory with gym equipment for doing daily exercises. Unless your home is overlooked, you won’t need to be concerned about privacy either. Those who enjoy painting or singing can use this space as a private studio to exercise their hobbies.

Lean to Conservatory

Let’s look at housing needs for a moment. Couples often start out with a small property that best fits their limited requirement for home space. However, as the family grows, so does the need for more living space. In a booming market, it would have been advisable to simply sell the small property and buy a newer, bigger one. But this is not possible in the slow economy of today, where good deals are few and far between.

So what can the average person do?

A lean to conservatory is the answer to this question. These simple, yet elegant, conservatories can be built on the existing space of the original property, thus adding more living space.

Unlike the standard Victorian or Edwardian designs, these lean to conservatories are simple structures that run along one side of the house. This means you will get better value per square metre of purchase.

Despite their simplicity, these conservatories can also be put to any of the above mentioned uses. find out more at Localconservatoryprices.co.uk

Advantages of a UPVC Conservatory